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How an Outfitter Grew Their Website Traffic Over 500% with Our Web Design and SEO Services

Today, I’m going to show you how a very busy hunting outfitter company increased website traffic with my web design and SEO strategy.

And they were able to accomplish this despite all the competition.
In this case study, I’ll show you the entire process that we used.

Their Problem Was:

This outfitter's days consisted of managing hunts and preparing for the next group of hunters.
There was not enough time to run the business and take care of the website and SEO.
So, like many businesses they noticed the website traffic and sales were not doing as well as they hoped.
They knew something needed to be done, but what? They didn't have the time or knowledge to take care of the website as needed.

So, they made a critical business decision and call me for help.

Now it's time for me to show you how we increased website traffic and sales to save the day.

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How Website Traffic Increased in Only 3 Months

They contacted me and we talked about business goals for the website and I advised how to accomplish them.

And as of today November 9th. 2022, here are the results:

  • New users are up 631%

  • Page sessions are up 722%

  • Views are up 653%

  • It took 3 months to get them to this point and they are still growing.

  • Some of the steps we took to get these amazing results.

  • First, we make sure the website was technically sound and user-friendly.

  • Next, we made sure we understood our target customer.

  • Then we performed keyword research to determine what the ideal customer was searching for on Google.

  • Once that was complete we started writing content that is relevant to the intent and keywords the target customer is using to search Google.

  • We made sure to audit ourselves at each phase to ensure we were not missing anything.

  • We set up Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Business Profile.

  • We monitor the competition regularly and send progress reports monthly.

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